Toddler Storytime Rhymes

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You may have noticed that every week I list off Rhymes that can be found on Toddler Tales Rhymes sheet (extra copies available at the library). Copies of these rhyme sheets will now also be posted here as well.

Toddler Tales Rhymes Spring 2010
Toddler Tales Rhymes Winter 2010
Toddler Tales Rhymes Fall 2009

Toddler Rhymes Spring 2009
Toddler Rhymes Winter 2008/2009
Toddler Rhymes Fall 2008

Toddler Rhymes Fall 2007
Toddler Rhymes Winter 2007/2008
Toddler Rhymes Spring 2008

I am hoping to also post some sound recordings of these rhymes sometime in the near future.


6 thoughts on “Toddler Storytime Rhymes

  1. Great blog! You have alot of great info here! Thanks for the Rhymes… I usually do family and elementary age storytimes.. I just started a toddler storytime and I am in debt to you for your great ideas!

  2. Thanks for sharing all of your rhymes. I am a children’s librarian in the suburbs of Chicago. I often use your site to plan my toddlertime sessions. I have reffered other librarians to your site for great storytimes and rhymes!


    Children’s Services Librarian
    Des Plaines Valley Public Library District

    • Hi there, Ellen! I am so glad that you found me here!… and that you’ve sent other fellow librarians my way:) I actually used to work in Mount Prospect (very close to you!). Do the local librarians still meet once a month to story swap? I just moved to Elgin, IL. after living in California for a few years. I’ve been looking around for a part-time library job; but, in the mean time, it would be great to at least network and connect with the local librarians. And, just so you know, I’ve actually been updating my blog with some of my preschool storytime archives at a new site: Happy storytiming!

  3. I enjoy your storytime ideas & rhymes! Really helps with my storytime planning. We sing The More We Get Together opening rhyme with a second verse that goes: “The more we READ together….” I have the children hold their hands together like an open book.
    Thanks for all your fun & hard work!

    • Thanks, Amy! So glad that I can help:) I also like using that second verse for that song… so appropriate for a library storytime! I like your actions… awesome! Just so you know, this is my OLD site… I am currently updating over at… come join me there & happy storytiming!

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